This is Everett "Easy" Aslin on the left, me on the right. This pic was taken at Bob Sibley's home studio where we recorded a song I wrote about Easy, "Get Yourself A Dog." (Give up girls, get yourself a dog.) Plus, a couple of others, as I wrote three silly songs for Easy's 69th Birthday Party in Grapevine, Texas. Now, I've written two more about Easy. A few more and I'll have enough for an "Easy's World" record! (I even wrote a song about him called "Easy's World."). This guy is a hoot.

In this pic, Easy is blowing his "train whistle." With his mouth. I don't know how he does it. In the song, I wrote something about trains so he could blow his train whistle. It's priceless.

I can't find the other recordings at this time, but here is a humorous ditty about, well, Easy and Malcom and Ace And Will...

Easy And Malcom And Ace And Will